Saturday, October 06, 2012

Yogurt cake, Mail Art, and some more NYC

 I did the background for this then let it dry. Then I tried to make trees. ha ha ha ha! I cracked myself up. Nope, not trees!  I ended up doing some sewing on top and decided that this looked like something from a fantasy sci-fi story. Some aliens under an alien sky?

This watercolor pieces is kind of wimpy. I did it, let it dry, then added some details. Nothing is bold enough. I'm being tense about this. I probably should have sewn on top of it, but instead, I'm sending it out as is. I'll keep practicing.

I decided to make the Yogurt cake recipe that Kristin Espinasse had on her blog - French Word-a-day. I posted it on my recipe blog. HERE.  It turned out really deliciously! It'll be a perfect treat tomorrow, when the weather turns cold. I'll sit with a cup of tea, a book, and some yogurt cake. hmmm, perfect.

Here's Yvette Ho of Panade in NYC, with Monkey of HiMonkey fame. I forgot that I had taken this while a "formal" photo was being taken for Monkey's blog.
 Another kind of monkey is on the "billboard" next to MoMA. Oh, yes, PLAY! That's important for toy monkey's and for all of us.
This church is on the corner of Essex and Henry St. It's what we saw when we walked out of the apartment we were staying in, in Chinatown. This view, for me, looks like we're in a small city, not Manhattan. It was a very cozy corner of a busy, big city.


Margie said...

Oh Mim, I love your watercolor mail art and how you added stitching to the one. I would love to do that! You are something missy!

Anonymous said...

Skull Appreciation Day Mail Art

where would one find these? thanks!

mim said...

Dear Anonymous, thanks for the push that I need to get busy scanning the entries from the 2012 Appreciation day event. yikes. I'll start tomorrow, I promise. They'll be at
Please be even a bit more patient with me. and next time, give me a way to get in touch with you directly. okay?