Friday, October 26, 2012

Catching up on Mail Art


 I don't know what happened to #79? I may have forgotten to scan it.

I'm having a great time with the old postcards. Can you tell?

This one was sent to my daughter, cause she's a tap dancer. She got it today and said "Yay!"




I'm not sure this works the way I wanted it to, but it's amusing none the less. The feet look too forward in space from the man, as we used to say, closer to the picture plane. What do you think?

This one tickles me. The towel looks like it's soaked up some of the lake water, right? The hand holding the trees was added first but more was needed. The boy was perfect!

Okay, so let's just say, this is my current favorite. The bits came together perfectly.  Someone commented on Facebook that I kept getting better and better so I sort of clenched up. The pressure was too much.

#82 isn't as strong, but I think I made up for that in #83. Opinions, anyone?


chris said...

One day I hope I will meet you - I think you have a very warped sense of humour & I love it!

VioletSky said...

I understand - the pressure we put on ourselves once we get a compliment!!

i am not sure I like #80 something is not quite right about the lift-off of the feet.
but #81 works well for me and gets better with #82

mim said...

Thanks for the input. Glad to know my humor comes across, and yes, VioletSky, I agree. NOt sure what it is but #80 is not quite on the mark. My fave is #81, still. Oh the pressure!