Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mail Art and the storm!

 This is the scan on my old Epson scanner - which has just gotten very tired!
 I scanned this postcard on our HP printer/scanner that is new-ish. What a difference. Wow, I hadn't realized how tired the Epson was.
 This is Mail Art #85 (scanned on HP) I just made it and dedicate it to the impending storm frenzy. It's entitled  "Sandy waited patiently for her namesake storm, while all about her fretted."
Isn't this pretty? It's our Carillon in Byrd park. We were there on Wednesday night  with lots of other volunteers, for our assignments for the Rally for Obama on Thursday. The sky was beautiful, the flag lit up, the lights at the top, so dramatic.

And my little old-school phone still takes a good photo, right?

The storm is due to land on us on Tuesday. I'm off to the market, hopefully there is still some food and flashlight batteries left. People get so intense preparing for storms.

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