Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mail Art & more


 I'm having a really fun time tearing up old postcards and figuring out what to do with them. This one is a good one for remembering Silent Spring, the book by Rachel Carson. It was published 50 years ago, and warns about the over use of pesticides.

For this card I used the front of a card from Florida, and parts of the back side of 2 other cards, from different places and times. This is about time, travel, memories.  I couldn't let those back sides go to waste.
 This is a view looking up the hill from the area by one of the stages at the Richmond Folk Festival last weekend. I like the juxtaposition of the "mansion" on the hill and the lit up booths below.
 I forgot to show you the cake that we ate at the dinner with friends. Cyn made this - one of those flour-less or egg-less or something-less cakes that are so dense and deliciously chocolate. Yum!
 This afternoon I sat in my garden/yard and read. It's autumn, the air cool-ish, and the colors orange-y.  I had apples cooking on the stove; the cooking had been going on for hours! But in the end, it turned out good. I sterilized some jars and ended up with 4 jars of apple butter. I'm freezing 3 to use at Thanksgiving time. This is the first time I made this. Yay for me.
Look who came to visit me - Groucho. She is such a loving little cat, who lives across the alley from our house. She comes in when she knows I'm out here and meows really loudly for my attention. The birds scatter from the feeders and chatter away in the trees until she leaves and they can go back to cleaning out the feeders. What a pleasant afternoon. What am I reading? Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith. I read the first two books with this same character and have been waiting for this new one to arrive at the library. Good reading!

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VioletSky said...

A part of me thinks it is a sacrilege tearing up old postcards. But then I see what you do with them and the results please me!

Another part me wants to visit you to taste your home made apple butter :)