Sunday, October 21, 2012

An Orange day, Mail Art included.

 This fits with my "orange" theme today. It's my #79 Mail Art. I've written on the back something about Betty liking to watch the boats at sunset. ha ha ha
 This is the second card I made today. What fun, having so many vintage postcards is so fun. This one is something about Marlo not realizing how chilly the water was before she decided to get into it.
 Our "shelf" on the pole is ready for Dias de los muertes or Halloween. Cute, right? I put the skull and bones pin in it this afternoon.
 I took a walk around the block to see the shelf and the trees and deposit a bunch of my mail art into the mail box on the next block. There weren't many clouds. Here's a small puffy one. The trees are so pretty now.
 These two orange ones are so gorgeous. The one in the back is quite tall. In between is a tree that is leafless already, or dead! The orange is KNOCK-OUT beautiful on this sunny day.
 Standing under an orange leafed tree. How fabulous. It just makes me feel in awe. The sky so blue, the leaves so orange. Is it like this where you live?
 The post box is in front of Retreat Hospital, which is across 2 streets from my house. They have the small grounds around it covered in these flowers. I stopped to take this photo after dropping the Mail Art in the box.
 When I returned home, Groucho was waiting for me, so I sat down on the bench. She hopped up and sat next to me wanting to be petted. She has some orange mixed in with gray.
My back garden is looking better and better, more ORANGE please! And my new hydrangea plant is doing quite well, also.

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Anonymous said...

The yard looks gorgeous! Yes, that bright ORANGE is glorious...especially against the bright blue sky. Washington Island had LOTS of orange. The latest mail art cards just crack me up. You've a great sense of humor! Thanks for posting those. xo, bb