Thursday, October 04, 2012

Thursday, how'd you get here so fast?

 My friend bb (aka anonymous) send me some new hole punchers. This one makes a border and since I'm not into perfection, it's all wavy. I like it! I also like the way I was able to find a punched out circle that gives a transparency effect to the edge of the black. "hello, little lady, down there!"

This card is actually a rectangle but I forgot to put a black paper behind it on the scanner. It's 4" x 6" (10cm x 15cm appx)  I really amuse myself with these altered cards. This one is a lovely Harry Callahan photo. I've entitled it "Herbert and Doris enjoyed a walk in the cool water off Cape Cod." Ha ha ha ha, oh I'm tickled by this and the comments people make about it on Facebook.

Today is day 62 of my 365.2 project. I sewed some "grass" on one of the watercolor experiments from the workshop & added some pencil marks, then glued it onto a substrate. It sort of works for me. Does anyone have any suggestions about what adhesive to use when gluing watercolor paper to a backing? 
 This was the threatening sky last Friday night when we went to the opening of "Still Here" exhibit at ArtSpace. Gorgeous, right? And look at the old-timey factory smoke stack.
 Here's the darling little "shelf"/cubby on the pole. It was missing for a day or two or three, then reappeared.  I put some shiny new pennies in it, for good luck.
 This is the sign that is on the opposite side of the pole. I'm happy the little girl decided to make her feelings known.
Here's my Wednesday cloud photo. We were on the way to the airport, to get N & J.  I took this with my phone through the window. So fabulous, so awesome. So varied! All in one sky, different types of clouds. Awesome is too tame a word. Got any others for me?

On a side note: we have NO water. A problem with our neighborhood! Glad I filled some little containers with water as I'd planned to play with watercolors today. But wait, what about making a cup-o-tea? Guess I'll go out for that.

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