Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mail Art & Glass

 The Dale Chihuly exhibit has been installed at our museum (VMFA) and last night was the members' preview.  You can see lots of beautiful photos of this exhibit on both links.

Amazing. The installation is gorgeous, the work is very beautiful, the quantity almost overwhelming.  Here is a boat full of glass, on a reflecting surface.
 I love these big open shapes. We were amazed at some of the pieces that we'd never seen before, like the room of pieces based on Native American baskets and weavings. I can't wait to return to see this again. 

This is part of a room where the glass was in the center in a long display area, set on a reflective surface. It was incredible. So much to look at.

And here is the Mail Art piece that I made earlier in the day, yesterday. It seems so placid after the profusion of color and shapes in the Chihuly exhibit!

Maybe today I'll make something with lots of parts - or go even more minimal. Hmmm.

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