Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mail Art, send & received, and some clouds

 This is the page that I did in a collaborative art book that was started by Fleur, then went to Adamandia, and now I've sent it on it's way to someone in California. It was really fun to work on this.
 Look how huge this blossom is! It's on a fence around the corner from my house. A giant!
 We had dinner with 4 friends the other night and had the most yummy food. The main course was salmon wrapped in filo dough. We didn't know it until that night that the woman who made this had been a caterer for 20 years. What?! I contributed some potato soup, which was served in lovely cups with saucers under them. Very fancy though we weren't a fancy crowd at all.
 This is one side of a Mail Art collage that I received from Guido. I love how the depth works so well with the three elements.
You know how I love clouds. Thee were over the old FFV building. One of the few water tanks in town is on top of that old bakery/factory, which is now empty. 

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