Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Grenoble and Mail Art #123, 124, 125


 We went to Grenoble by train to visit a friend. I love taking trains, and it was fun to board the TGV (fast train) at Gare de Lyon (say that fast as one word, so French!)

For this card, I used an image from the brochure about the Chagall show at the Grenoble Museum of Modern Art. It was more than Chagall, it was also the Russian Avante Garde. A very cool exhibit. That's a map of Grenoble, showing the round bubble funicular, called Le Telepherique, that we didn't ride.

Our friend gave me some old automobile magazines and a French topo map. You know how I love those tropographical maps.
 In Grenoble, while waiting to post a piece of mail art, I was lucky enough to capture this image of a many posting his mail. I was so happy to be in a country with lots of post boxes and post offices. Really!
 How fun is this? I'm not sure what municipal type building this was in front of, but it sure was a nice way to add greenery where there was only concrete.
 Looking up, across the Isere River towards the Bastille on the top of the hill. When we arrived, there was snow on the mountains, but by the time we departed it was gone, as warm weather arrived with us.
 We passed the Greek Consulate. This one's for Katerina and Georgia in Thessaloniki.
Here's the small brocante that we went to in Grenoble, not far from where our friend lives. We didn't buy anything but saw some very cool things we would have bought had we lived nearby. Big things, like furniture. I had a chat with some sellers, friends of our friend, in French and Spanish, which was quite fun.

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