Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More of London, an old friend, mail art #106, 107 & 108

 It was such fun to take the Tube and we did mind the gap. It's quite easy to get around on the Tube and the buses. We bought  Oyster cards, which allowed us to get on without buying tickets each time. Very convenient. We felt like Londoners (well, not quite.)
 We'd arranged to meet my old friend Andrea and little Beanie mouse at the Tate Modern. Here we are after spending a good portion of the day together at the Tate, before Andrea and Beanie headed home to Hove. I've been corresponding with Andrea for a very long time, so it was like meeting an old friend though this is the first time we've met in person. You can read about their adventures here.
 We went to the Victoria and Albert to see their amazing ceramics collection. We were particularly interested in their contemporary ceramics. What a treat. We got to see the exhibit curated by Edmund de Waal (who wrote the book I read called The Hare with the Amber Eyes) of one of a kind contemporary ceramic works. We saw his installation of white ceramics on a red shelf set high up in a dome. You can see it on his site. I was really happy to be seeing this, since I'd read about it.
 The Victoria and Albert is a wonderful museum in a wonderful building.
 Here are two more pieces of mail art that I made in London. You can see by the bits and pieces I used that they are place specific.

Here are more Mail Art cards that I made while in London.

The card I made while having lunch with Andrea and Beanie at the Tate Modern is at the very top.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Very nice tour, Mim. London (and you) look great, I like #107 a lot too.

Margie said...

This is so much fun following in your steps!