Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last of the Mail Art while traveling - #126 through #129

 I made this card in Grenoble using bits from old maps, magazines and photos. And a bit of bread wrapper.


 The king card ("roi" in French, thus the R) was given to me by my friend, who found it in an old chair that he was refurbishing.

More old bits. I liked the word "Souplilav." What the heck is that? And what kind of car is that? Do you know?

 I love using old photos.

 Car and diagram from an old auto magazine.

I made this one on the plane, leaving Paris, using scraps from the airport magazine and from some receipts. Au revoir, Paris! I was pretty pleased with myself that I managed to make daily Mail Art! Now to catch up with my life since returning home 2 1/2 weeks ago. (& I'm still tired!)

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Margie said...

Good Lord woman, you are a posting maniac! I can barely keep up!!! Have enjoyed every minute of your tour. You rock! Xo