Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some photos in London

The old Vic theatre was right near our hotel. What a thrill to see it. Too bad we couldn't have seen a play there.
 This is one of the few remaining telephone boxes in London. Sadly, there isn't much need for public phones these days.

Ah, the mail artist's heart goes pitter patter at the sight of a mail box.

This is the bridge that crosses the Thames from behind the Tate Modern and leads to St. Paul's church. You can see what a typical London day it was.

We had a really lovely, sunny day our last day in London. Here's a view of the EYE from our room.


Margie said...

Love the shot of the bridge!

Found art blog said...

For reference, St Paul's is a Cathedral!!! Meaning it's big as opposed to a church which are smaller and less fancy!! Westminster is an Abbey though which is completely different again although I'm not sure how...!