Monday, April 18, 2011

Istanbul adventure continues (#113 Mail Art)

 Here's the mail art of the day, probably Tuesday, who remembers! This was the day we were meeting up with Katerina, Mustafa, and Kemal to have an adventure.
 Down at the bottom of this street (Postacilar Sok) who went into a shop/gallery/workshop of a jeweler named Acun. We didn't know that this shop was listed in some guide books, we happened on it randomly. We had an amazing experience of having tea, having our portraits sketched by the owner's friend who was hanging out there, and kind of having a conversation (not much English.)

 After meeting our friends, we'd hardly walked anywhere when we saw the Pera Museum, and they were having a Diego Rivera/Frida Kahlo exhibit. Wow! What an opportunity. We got to see work that we'd seen only in books.

We also saw work from their permanent collection and some really fine ceramics. How about these two mugs? I'd like them in my kitchen.

After the Pera Museum, Kemal led us down to the space that houses The Association of Cartoonists where we saw an exhibit of political cartoons (very good, very thought provoking, and amusing) and the winners of this contest. Work from around the world depicting this character, with me and Katerina.

This is the view from the restaurant at the top of the Hotel Richmond (of course we had to go there!) What a view. On this cloudy day, all of the buildings were like a painted backdrop.  The view was pretty spectacular, the setting very contemporary, the food was good, but the company was the best.


Margie said...

Your trip just keeps on going! Very enjoyable Mim! Xo

Found art blog said...

Wow!! What a trip - and what a find with the Diego and Kahlo! Hope Beanie's little card arrived well - wasn't that a fun day out?!