Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Istanbul,a map, and #114 & #115 mail art

the Bosphorus

 Night time view from the apartment. Across the Golden Horn, lots of lights, all quiet in "our" little neighborhood.
 This is the internet cafe that Sara and Peter recommended. It was nearby, on the ground floor, and not smoky. The name is pronounce like the word "hot." Clever use of the @ symbol, yes? The guy who watched over it was helpful as the keyboard was, of course, in TURKISH!! There were the two letters i and I, one with a dot and one without, which caused me some grief as my name and my passwords and the dotted one in it, and where the heck was that one located!? Also, it was tricky to find the @ symbol. However, I did manage to use the keyboard and got kind of good at it by the 3rd time we used it. Chuck stood over my shoulder pointing out my misplaced "i"s.

Here's mail art from two days, using bits from the Pera Museum brochure.
And the newspaper.


 Here's one of the big ferry boats like the one we took with Mustafa, to have lunch in Asia. We had tea on board.
 This was where we went for lunch. The Maiden's Tower. We got off the ferry in Asia, jumped into a cab, got out at a small boat landing, jumped on the boat (which arrived shortly) and went to the tower. It was amazing. It all happened so quickly that I didn't have time to think about how scary it was jumping onto the little boat, as the currents of the Bosphorus bumped it to and fro. Later, I thought about it and was happy that my clog didn't drop off on a leap.  Lunch was in a restaurant in the tower. What a cool experience.
A view from the big ferry on the Bosphorus.


andytgeezer said...

Still wondering what happened to the Istanbul map...

phonelady said...

I cannot believe you are in Istanbul , my brother visited there while in the navy and he said everything is so inexspensive compared to the usa . well enjoy your trip my friend . I have been away for a while . take care and have fun .

Margie said...

Awesome post and love the mail art! Xo