Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Evening in Paris (#1)

We went to Le Tartine, a small cafe/bar in the neighborhood, which we like. We had, of course, tartines (open faced sandwiches) which we forgot to take photos of before we started to eat them. They were so good, but here's a noisette (small coffee with cream) and a bit of what the place looks like. We took a walk afterwards, checked out a little shop behind the restaurant (see us in the mirror,) and got some provisions at Monoprix, which was open late tonight because of the holiday. There were many, many people walking around. So very busy, even though there was a drizzle, then a downpour, then a drizzle, we loved it. "IT" being that there were so many people out and about. I had a very nice white wine tonight, Chateau des Correaux St. Veran. I'm going to see if I can buy a bottle of it tomorrow. Can we get it in the states? Probably not.

We saw these cute keychains in the window of a shop. "Dark Dudes" Funny, tiny dead pirates?? Je ne sais pas, mais, je le pense que ce ca."


Andrea said...

OH!! Are you in Paris now??!

Anke said...

Oh looks like you have a wonderful time there even the weather is not showing it's better side.....enjoy the rest of it, looking forward to more Paris details in Photo!
Smiles from 4 hours away, Anke ;)
PS: Even it seems so close 4 hours for us Europeans it's still a long time away, we are not used to long distances...everything is so close.

Found art blog said...

I've just looked at your Carnavalet entry - one of my favourite buttons and beads shops is near there! Same side of the road as the museum, but - looking at the museum, it's down to the right. The lace/trimmings are expensive but the buttons are a good cheaper buy!