Friday, November 14, 2008

Vendredi (Friday)

Today we started out before noon with a list of places we wanted to go to see more photography exhibits. First stop, the Swedish cultural centre, which we love for it's little cafe, where you get refills on your coffee. The photographer exhibiting there is: Lars Tunbjörk. We liked his large works, that were so quiet. We had planned to have lunch there but had to eat out in the courtyard as it was full inside. It wasn't that chilly so we were happy to be outdoors. Chuck had a sandwich with a slab of blue cheese, slices of avocado, lettuce and cucumber in a very nice light roll. I had an open faced sandwich of tuna salad on a very thin, very dark bread. Pretty soon, a little bird came and perched on the chair across from me. Then more little birds came. I put a tiny crumb on the edge of the table and the bird just sat there waiting for me to let go of it. After our sandwiches, Chuck got us a slice of some cake. While he went in to get the coffee refills, I took a picture of the cake. While I attempted a second picture, one of the birds helped itself to a tiny crumb directly from our cake!! Wow, brave little thing. They were just so used to people. If they'd been bigger, I'd have thought I was in that Alfred Hitchcock movie, but no, they were pretty sweet little things.

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Kristin said...

Hi Mim!
These are the sweetest bird pics! And I love the moss and bricks on the ground and the buildings in the background. Also, the blackboard menu/sign. and the pie... oh, that pie! Bon appétit :-)