Monday, November 24, 2008

A treat from Gitte

We've been meeting artists from many different countries. The artist across the hall is Gitte from Norway. She's in my cours Francais. She's a textile artist, as I mentioned in an earlier post, and we talked about fabric. She gave me some small samples of what she does. I'll incorporate them into my Purses for Change that I sell in my Etsy shop (which I've put into vacation mode while I'm away.) I'll send her some of my fabric scraps once I return home so she can work her artistic magic on them.

Tonight, we had a meet up with two Iranian artists. One lives down the hall from us. After seeing his really wonderful work, we went downstairs and around to the back of the building to the studio of another sculptor. We'd never been in these sculpture studios. They're very interesting. They have frosted glass walls with doors that open to the outside, not to a corridor like our door does. They have a sleeping loft that one gets to by going up a curved stairway. He had work in progress, too, and it was also very wonderful. It turns out that they know the artists we met two years ago, Fatemeh and Mashid, and we took a picture of the four of us to share with them. We carried on a conversation though we have NO Farsi, and they have limited English and French. We managed though and that's the amazing thing about being here and meeting artists from other countries. It's like what Rick Steve's says: Travel changes people. It broadens perspectives and teaches new ways to measure quality of life.


Barbara said...

LOVE your posts! I feel like I'm there with y'all. What a wonderful adventure! Missing you, but thanks to technology, we can be in touch! Thinking of you,

Anke said...

HI Mim, enjoyed reading your new post about your trip to Paris. Sounds like a really wonderful time you have, I"m happy for you. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and have fun meeting new people, and yes travel really makes your horizon wider! Gives you a totally new perspective on life/your life....I enjoy it too and concerning me I usually come home motivated again and full of energy to do things.....I think it's time for me for a trip Maybe next year, smiles, Anke ;)