Monday, November 24, 2008

Food and a dental experience

I was way too busy juggling pots and pans on our two electric burners to take photos of both the kitchen (a mess of activity) and the table (nicely set by Chuck.) The food turned out to be very tasty and I was pleased with myself. Our guest brought a delicious wine and some dried fruit, which was not as dry as the same things we get in the U.S. Succulent dried plums, thick apricots, and soft figs dusted in powdery sweetness. Chuck didn't expect the pit in the plum and ended up chipping a piece off of this front tooth, which he told me about much later in the evening. This morning, we walked over to the Surgery of the dentist that I'd visited last year, two years ago,whenever. I was thinking we'd have to make a rendez-vous, but no! He took Chuck as a walk-in client, not "my" dentist but his brother, and did an amazingly fast and excellent bonding repair of the tooth. The cost: 45€. I'll say no more.

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