Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday #2 (Dimanche) at the Bastille Market

The market was crowded, which is not my kind of place to be. I forget and think I'll be okay, but after awhile, I'm like OKAY, done with this. We walked to the end of the stalls and back, threading our way through the people, benches, and dogs. We bought a baguette. We decided to walk back along rue Franc Bourgeois and see what new shops were along the street. Shops were just opening up, people were strolling, and then little white flakes came out of the sky. Surprise! It was snowing, not a lot, but definitely snow flakes. We got a bag of pistachios nuts from the shop at the end of the street with all the falafel shops. Yum, did that street smell good! We came back to our studio, however, and ate leftover soup. We were glad to be in and warm. Now it's raining, windy, and probably very chilly. A good night to stay in and entertain, which is what we're going to do. Hope our guests don't mind coming out to join us on a night like this!

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