Friday, November 21, 2008

Jeudi #2 (Thursday)

Last night, Thursday, We went to the vernissage (opening) of a show at Philippe Gelot gallery. Philippe's wife, Marylene, helped Chuck with the printing of his photographs last year while we were here. It was a nice show of photographs in the urban environment. Marylene stopped by and we were standing with her across the street from the gallery when I took this photo. On the right, by the corner, are two of their friends, whom we got to meet and speak with (one woman spoke Spanish so I had the chance to practice.) The view up the street is towards the Hotel where friends of ours stayed. We pass it frequently and look at all of the film memorabilia and knick-knacks in the window.

As we wandered home, we passed through the courtyards of the Village St. Paul. Some galleries were having openings and this scene was so quaint. Did they do this for tourists? It didn't seem like there were a lot of foreigners there, but how cute, a woman in a red beret singing chansons, a man with an accordian! Oh mi oh mi how Parisien and weren't we fortunate to happen on it.

The last two images are interesting to us. Tour boats pass on the Seine in front of us, with bright lights blazing onto the building and into our studio. We love it. The buildings across the way are lit up and a light show appears on our walls. Chuck hurried up and turned out all the lights. Of course, without the movement, you hardly get the effect but just imagine it, the lights moving along the walls....tres tres tres marveilleux.

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