Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dinner with friends.

We were introduced to Raclette de fromages this past Sunday night. An electric devise that heats up cheese which has been placed on little "plates" that get inserted into the device. On top, a place to put food to be kept warm. In this case, some potatoes. There were three cheeses, one specifically for raclette (called Raclette,) one with mustard seeds in it, and a cheese we get at home, the name of which I've just this moment lost. I'll think of it later probably. (Our friend sent us an e-mail with the name of the cheese. It's Morbier! He added, "fromage produit dans le Doubs , qui se situe à l'Est de la France, près du Jura et nous avons aussi bu du Macvin du Jura en apéritif. "
The dinner also included a plate of assorted cold meats, some roasted eggplant, and for me especially since I don't eat meat, some tiropita and a tofu pattie. So sweet of J.Claude and Regine to make sure there was enough for me to choose from. Of course, potatoes and cheese, Yum, what could be better!?!

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Another Limited Rebellion said...

Yum! Do we need one of those for our next dinner party together?