Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Books for Soldiers

For awhile, I've been an official volunteer with Books for Soldiers. It's been very satisfying to send out flat rate boxes filled with books, snacks, and other necessities, like pens, shampoo, soap, for our troops. Friends give me books or I buy them at my used book store or branch library (for very little money.) I do this out of frustration with a war that I couldn't prevent, to support those who are over there fighting, in hopes that somehow, I'm promoting peace in someone's heart. This feels more supportive than forwarding an e-mail. I never expect to hear from any one that I send a box to, I know they're busy, and pens and stationery might not be available, but today I got a letter of thanks. It brought tears to my eyes. It was so sweet and so appreciative. If you want to do something meaningful, no matter how you feel about this war we're in, join the volunteers at Books for Soldiers. I go to the section called Forgotten Soldier and choose my recipient from that list. I don't always send a package. Sometimes, I send postcards or a note. Please think about joining me as an Official Volunteer. For the cost of a stamp you can do something really good.

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dephal said...

That's a really great idea, Mim. Thanks for sharing. And can you please email me? I've lost your email address. :-(