Monday, August 11, 2008

Jonny Z festival and ART 180

On Saturday, I particpated in a street fair, fund raiser, festival for ART 180 and Jonny Z. Chop Suey books has these a couple times a year to raise awareness and money for their MoBikesMoBooksMobile and a chosen charity. This year, they also honored a friend who died last year. A mural was painted by his friends and another by children working with ART 180. I offered to sell my Purses for Change, with half the proceeds going to ART 180. I asked Noah to give me some Skull-a-day tees as I didn't have enough merch' for a table. I was given a part of a table and offered to also do the raffle since it gave me a chance to interact with passers-by. "Hi, do you have your raffle ticket, yet? Only a dollar!" then I'd point out the tees and the Purses for Change. It was fun. I sold 15 of the 20 PfC and several tees, and lots of raffle tickets. The 5 hours went by quickly, there were lots of people, live music, lemonade and watermelon for sale, and friends who stopped by to visit me.

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