Monday, August 11, 2008

Peachy pie, so peachy!

This past week, our fruit CSA gave us lots of peaches, so Chuck wanted to make a peach pie. He used his dear aunt Elna's recipe for the pat-in crust (no rolling necessary.) He blended in the soy margarine with the flour and egg, sliced the peaches and mixed them with sugar and lemon juice, patted the dough into a long baking dish, put in the peaches, flattened little pieces of the dough to put on top, dotted with butter, and baked. It was delicious!


wastedpapiers said...

Mmmmm! sounds yummy! Thanks for the stickers Mim. Much appreciated. Just uplaoded them to the Wheelie Bin Gallery blog.

JB said...

This looks amazing!!! :)