Friday, August 08, 2008

These lovely Asian eggplants reminded me of my favorite recipe. It tastes just like a dish I had in a restaurant in NYC many years ago.You can see the recipes on my VOX blog.
We had heirloom tomatoes, lovely green zebras, which many people think are the kind of tomatoes that fried green tomatoes are made with, but their not. They're green and they're ripe. The orange one, which don't show very well in this image, are called Valencias, and I forgot what the red ones are called, but they're all delicious. We had a small helper yesterday. Anna from Arizona! I'm glad that I did some cooking yesterday as today I have NO cook top. We were replacing our old one and had some problem with a) measurements b) electrical connection. The new one has an electric starter...duh...did we think, "Oh, one needs electricity." No, we didn't, SO the plumbers were here at 730 a.m. and discovered they couldn't do too much but did the new gas regulator; now we need 1) a carpenter 2) an electrician. I was laughing on the outside but, you know what on the inside, as the plumbers left. Happily, our neighbor is having work done on his house and his friend came by and can do what we need. Whew! Maybe I'll have a new cook top by Monday. Oh dear, cooking meals, hmmm, well it's summer so cold food is better anyway.

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