Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fruits and veggies

Last week, I got some Tongue of Fire beans. Aren't they beautiful? I simmered them with some garlic and they became a nice beige color. I've been snacking on them or tossing them in my salad. Though there are fancier ways to use them, I've enjoyed them plain. The okra was lovely, though I personally don't care for it. Lots of people seemed excited that it was available. As usual, the Sun Gold tomatoes were delicious. Last summer, during the tomato festival, our farmer's Sun Golds won an award. This year, we didn't have the festival at the market. I'm sure they'd have won again. This evening, Chuck picked up our fruit share from Agriberry CSA (community supported agriculture.) We got some blueberries and LOTS of peaches. I put the water bottle next to the box to give an idea at the size of the fruit. REQUEST: please send me a link to any good but easy recipes using peaches. (not with Bisquik, however, as Chuck is trying to bake from scratch.)

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