Monday, November 05, 2012

Mail Art, what else? Oh, and a bit more.

Here are the Kitty pumpkins carved by my little neighbors. They have held up nicely this week, due to the cooler temperatures, no doubt. I baked my small pie pumpkins and now have lots of pumpkin puree. I used some to make a pound cake. I used my sweet potato pound cake recipe and substituted the pumpkin puree. It worked great! Link to recipe here.

The odd thing about this piece is that I had no idea until I scanned it how dimensional it appears. Amazed myself. Just 3 pieces of paper!

I used 4 pieces of paper for this one. I felt it needed the circle on the left for balance.

 I'm using quotes from Dr. Seuss for this series of cards. The cards are so minimal and non-objective but when I put the quotes with them, they have another life.


Three pieces for this one. I like how the circle appears to do something odd to the red paper. 

The circle rests on top of the two different yellow papers. Because it had a "line" in it with two colors, and I lined that up with the edge of the pale yellow paper, it appears to be transparent. It appears to over-lap it. So cool. That's a Josef Albers experiment for sure.
 This is a poster that my friend took a photo of when she was in Buenos Aires. I'm adding it because of the Kitty pumpkins at the top of this post. I like the idea of bracketing my Mail Art with kitties. I have them on my mind because I'd really like to have one again.

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