Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mail Art #95 and more

 This is yesterday's Mail Art, day 95. I haven't made today's yet. I'm saving that for a fun activity for after I go to a funeral this afternoon. 

I cut these pieces from a Smithsonian Magazine and put them on my work table, a few days ago. When I looked at them again yesterday, sitting just like this, I was very pleased by the arrangement and decided to simply glue them down on a substrate like that. I think the card has a lot of depth, don't you?

Elections in the U.S. are over. Whew.
Now to get back to a my life.

I want to toots some horns now. TOOT #1 Our son's latest book is out and getting recognition. See it HERE.
TOOT #2 The project that our daughter has been working on for a year launched last month and if you didn't see that post, you can see the business HERE

And here is a portion of the photo that I'll be using soon for publicity. Our friend, who is a professional photographer (site HERE) took photos of me. He did some retouching, took away shadows and, ahem, made me look very glam! Can you tell that I'm a Mail / Postal Artist?

And lastly, some of you may remember my posting about my childhood friend, Myrna. Here's an update - HERE.

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robyn said...

What a touching story about passing the tallit along. Thanks for sharing.