Thursday, November 01, 2012

Mail Art, of course, and a warning!

 This is the last of my Hurricane Sandy Mail Art pieces. I'm happy with the way the piece conveys distance, which is how we fared with the storm. It was distant, except for some rain and wind. We were spared the brunt of it.
 This is the card for day #89. I'm amazed, I'm almost at 100 daily cards, again. I titled this one "Sometimes nothing makes sense. Pay attention to what does make sense."
Here's the canal by Brown's Island. Doesn't it look peaceful, so calm. I'm trying to stay that way right now. I got up early because I'm a bit distressed by discovering that I've been scammed.
After shopping on the internet for many years, I got caught. The website appeared legitimate;  everything about the transaction seemed real, but after not getting my shoes or any tracking information, I started to wonder. I looked the company up on Google and saw that many people had been scammed. Do NOT repeat DO NOT buy any shoes (or anything else they may sell) from STYLE TIME. Pass this information along to others so they don't get scammed.


Found art blog said...

Oh dangit about the internet shop! D'you have trading standard officials that you can report to?

VioletSky said...

I am far too fearful of something like that happening to me so I have never bought anything on the internet.

Found art blog said...

BTW, yesterday I mailed you two Agatha Christie books for that bookshelf thingie near you!!