Thursday, November 08, 2012

Lots of Mail Art!

 I don't know what's going on with me, but I keep making Mail Art, but not sending it out! In my first 365 Mail Art project, I made it, I mailed it, all in the same day. This time around 365.2, I make a piece daily and just put it on the pile on my studio table. What's with that?

This card was actually inspired by #95  & #96. The substrate is some corrugated that I found.
I love the big Buddha head!

 Today, I received a thank you note from a service person to whom I'd sent a Flatrate box filled with books, DVDs, magazines and snacks. I usually don't get any response, and don't expect any, so when I do, it's a thrill. I included in the box, several of the boring postcards that I got from my friend's mother. I included her address in case the recipient wanted to participate in my Send Sylvia a postcard project, and this service person did. How cool is that?
I hope Sylvia was surprised. You can surprise a service person by participating in Books for Soldiers.  There are women and men in service to the U.S. who do not get any mail. Send them some. 


robyn said...

Thank you for sharing the books for soldiers link! I've had "send a care package to a soldier" on my list of things to do for quite a while. I'm guessing I don't get to send a whole care package through this (just books, games or letters?), but since I love sending mail this might be just the thing I was looking for anyway. Thanks again.

mim said...

I send books, magazines, pens, blank postcards, beef jerky (funny for me as a vegetarian but the troops like it,) snack, candy that doesn't melt, hand sanitizer, playing cards, DVDs, anything that will give the soldiers some entertainment.