Friday, November 16, 2012

Mail Art update, autumn colors



 I began to post these to Facebook with quotes on different themes. I 'm not sure if the "likes" are for the image or the quote. I'm thinking - quote. This one had a quote from Dr. Seuss. I discovered that he has lots of good quotes available.


With this card,  I decided to return to altering cards from the box of them related to water. A box of 50 cards, with duplicates. Lucky me.  Large people walking in water is a fun theme for me.

I didn't particularly like the image on this card. It was two people with the same face lounging on the beach. A painting. I decided, after trying to find other faces, to just obscure the figures. I like the way this turned out. A floating rose and a seemingly transparent circle.

So here are two identical postcards. A painting by Milton Avery. I made #104, then turned it over - and oh no, I'd used the card upside down! But it works. It's fun.

Then today, I decided to use the card right side up and see what I could do with it. I used more of the images from the Victorian  illustration book, for the figures and animals.  They really do look like 2 different types of landscapes, right?
 It's autumn! Here's the little Japanese maple in from of our house.
Here's a view looking south-east on our street. I love the colors!

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