Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mail art catch up Part 2 and some ocean

 I made two postcards while away at the beach using images from a 1946 National Geographic story about the Outer Banks. My tourist cards!


 When we returned home, I started to play with scraps of colored paper and some press on letters.

 I added circles and attempted to create an illusion of transparency again.
 Sometimes the effect is stronger than at other times.

The waves were wild, the energy of the ocean was so intense. The wind was blowing so strongly and the foam that came up with the waves would blow away down the beach like cotton puffs. It was chilly, but worth being there to see, hear, and feel the power of the ocean.


Anonymous said...

I love this ocean photo. big hugs, bb

Margie said...

Love the way you described the beach. Very visual and poetic dear Mim.