Monday, November 01, 2010

Vegan Apple cake and a squirrel

I made a really delish vegan apple cake from a recipe that my daughter created. The recipe is here. Because we make our own applesauce, there are a lot of apple cores to be dispersed, rather than tossed in the garbage bin. I put them in our big tree in the back garden. In the notch of the tree and in a little place where some shoots had been cut off leaving prongs of sorts.  Yesterday, my husband came up to my studio and said "quick, there's a squirrel sitting there eating the apple core." It was still there when I got to the kitchen window and I scored this photo of it. So cute how it held the core and ate all around it.

This morning, while returning from a walk over to have my doctor check out myh achy knee, I came upon a squirrel lying in the alley behind my house. I thought, Oh, no, it's the little apple chomping fellow. When I entered my back garden, another squirrel was sitting on the edge of my garage! Probably the apple core chomper, right?

PS my knee is fine, just a bout of tendonitis. Whew!

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Julie said...

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