Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Art time

 Today, I'm "recovering" from the excitement of the Peace Educ. Center fundraising auction. What an event! I decided to finish two small collages and frame them up today. They are both headed to other fundraisers. "Lapin" is framed in a 9" x 11" (22cm x 27cm appx.) blonde wood frame but the collage itself is lots smaller. The same with "A Small Wonder: Papillon," framed in a 10" x 10" frame (25cm x 25cm appx.) but quite a small collage. I'm sorry that I didn't put a dark paper behind it when I was scanning so you could see more than a vague hint of where the white background ends. Oh well. I used French words as titles because the original collages were made in Paris awhile ago. I worked on them a bit more this past week and finished them today. It felt so nice to spend time with them again.  Also, I cleaned up my work table last week and that made it easier to find what I needed.


Found art blog said...

You may want to check out your Paris news service..... Sarkosy is revamping the French pensions at the moment and the population are somewhat riotting about it. Just to tip you off!!

mischief said...

Oh it's just occured to me that you are related to Noah Scalin of Skull-a-day! Small world.