Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beautiful Autumn

Our street
 What a day yesterday! Crisp air, a bit of a chilly, blue sky, leaves changing color, combined to make us feel so appreciative of the changing seasons.
Grove Ave.

In front of Fox Elementary school

Monument Ave @ Robinson
I took photos while Chuck was driving. Not bad for shooting through the windows, right?

The Richmond Marathon happened the same day, many streets were still closed when we finally got out, but only a few runners were left to complete the race. I think the weather was good for runners. I remember some years when they had to deal with rain and other years when it was so hot out.

We had friends who lived on the route and would have a party during the race, and we'd all stand by the street and clap and cheer for the runners. They all looked so dazed.

I'm assuming that afterwards there is some sort of high. The reward for completing something so grueling. Me, I'm happy I can walk these days, as I have tendonitis in one knee. Hopefully, that'll be cleared up soon as we have some trips planned that will include much walking. More on this in the future.

Meanwhile, I hope the weather is lovely wherever you live. If not today, then another day!

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Margie said...

Well, a pleasant way to spend time as a passenger I would say! Margie