Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another assortment

Better World Books & free chocolate!
81 postcard blanks

My friend Susan suggested a new (for me) author and I was able to buy 5 of her books from the Bargain Bin at Better World Books, my fave site for used books because of their support of literacy programs.  The books arrived today with a surprise in the package. A bar of chocolate! It was a thank you from my friends at BWB. Divine Chocolate, and it is yummy, I've already tried it, is from a co-op in Guapa Kokoo, Ghana.  I wanted these books to read when I travel as I can leave them for others to read.

I've signed on to a new project. I'm trying not to feel 'daunted already as it hasn't started yet. My friend Andy, of Real Wall fame, started a 365 Mail Art group at IUOMA and created a blogspot blog for us to post creations. Yes, we're pledging  to make a piece of mail art every day for a year. We'll post our Mail art on the blog and some of us will then mail them out into the world. I'm preparing by cutting out postcard blanks. We'll start on Dec. 1st. If my son could do it, I can do it, right? See my son's new book by clicking on the link to the right, under "Sponsor." His book is really super neat! Very inspiring. How super neat that my own son is inspiring ME!  
I wanted you to see my bowl of tangerines. We got them this afternoon and they echo the colors of the trees on our street right now. Autumn is definitely here.


Ria View Mirror said...

thanks MIM you are so sweet.
I think i might take part in the mailart 365 to sounds like alot of fun. Will def keep in touch

Melissa of {craftgasm} said...

Have you ever heard of If you're leaving your books in places while traveling, it's a fun way to track where they go.