Saturday, November 06, 2010

Thrift Store shopping

Last week, I went to a new, for me, thrift shop with my friend Bridget. who gets lots of her collage materials here (old patterns, old books, etc.) Things are very inexpensive at this shop, which is in a very large space in an old shopping center on the other side of the river from where I live. It's filled with cast off stuff of other people's lives. Dishes, glassware, clothing, books, furniture, toys, decorations for holidays, jewelry, things and more things. I bought books for 30¢ a piece and rolls of ribbon (to use for displaying items at the Richmond Peace Education Center auction) for 30¢ and a letter holder for 50¢ (which has really helped tidy my studio work table) and this cute little glass jug, for 99¢. I got this little jub because my mother-in-law had a large version of this. My honey thinks it's 1950s, or mid-century as things are now designated. The jug holds 1 1/3 C (300 ml) and is 6" tall (15 cm appx.) It's so sweet. I'm going to use it to hold home made vinagrette, but I think it's meant for individual tea or coffee.  Have you seen anything like this? Do you have any information about it? I'd love to know more about this.   Okay, I just went to eBay and look what I found here.


phonelady said...

I think it is darling and would love to have something like that as well . goodness that is so cute . thanks for the info on it too .

Paula said...

I love thrift shops -- back in the day, we called them junk stores!