Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some views of my city.

Sauers spice factory
 A few days ago, I decided to document some things in my neighborhood. This is the Sauer's plant. We call it the spice factory though they also do flavoring extracts as you can see by the sign. They have a terrific electric light bulb sign which is to the left and perpendicular to this building. It's for mayonnaise and some night I'll try to get a photo of it to post here. I took this photo from the car as I passed by (I was NOT driving at the time.)
Science Museum
 This is the Science Museum of Virginia, which is a short walk from my house. It's where I go almost every Friday morning for my Spanish Meet-up group. It was a train station when we first moved to Richmond. It's still very elegant inside.

This is the monument to Jefferson Davis. He was president of the Confederate States of American during our civil war. Richmond was the capitol and the conflict sort of never ended for southerners. This monument is located, of course, in the middle of the intersection of Monument Avenue and Davis St. I pass by it every time I walk to Meet-up.
Jefferson Davis monument

Grand Kugel
This is the Kugel that is located in front of the Science Museum. It weighs tons yet is floats and rotates on a constant flow of water at the base. You can kind of see it at the bottom of the globe.

It was a beautiful day when I took these photos and the days since have continued to be so mild and clear. Lucky us! I think it's going to change in the next day or so.

We, however, are headed north for Thanksgiving, where the weather is going to be lots colder and wetter. brrrrr. Happy holiday to those who celebrate it! And happy, in general, to those who don't.

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