Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pie, anyone?

I made a Lime pie today. The recipe is here.
I don't know why, but yesterday I got it into my head that I wanted to make a pie. This is my easiest pie recipe, and I made it even easier because I used a ready made graham cracker crumb crust.

Last night we had a really fierce storm with thunder and lightening. Smitty dog was terrified and had to be comforted by his best friend (a human being who is especially kind to him and happened to be visiting when the storm hit.) Later that night, I kept thinking about the shelf. Would it be okay? Silly me, of course it did fine. I'll be posting more about that soon.


tarabu said...


I was minding my own business, having a quiet browse through my blogroll before bed and now I'm hungry.

I have no lime juice or graham crackers, and chocolate chip cookies (although quite good) are not going to fulfill the sweet-tart goodness I now crave.

Thank You Very Much.

(dripping with sarcasm, but I will still be back to read more tomorrow!)

Mica said...

Miss your Key Lime - been too long since I've had it, might have to make one myself. thanks for posting the recipe!