Sunday, June 07, 2009

Broad Appetit and Whodunit

Today is a beautiful sunny day. The sky is blue, the clouds are puffy, and Broad street between Monroe and Adams is filled with food. Chefs and bakers from lots of different businesses prepared their special treats, and everything cost only $3. The portions were ample and you could also get wine and beer to go with your food. There were samples of Laughing Cow cheese, Cabot's cheese and our own Duke's mayonaise. What did I eat? I had a delicious samosa, some barbecued tofu, and a little cupcake. I got to take a couple photos from before the event opened as we got downtown early to be in line at Ghostprint Gallery for the Whodunit show. Numbers were handed out in order and people got their chance to buy based on their number. Thus the line formed as people had their eye on a specific piece of work. I took a photo of the first 7 people in line. There was a steady interest and sales were made not only of the work from Whodunit, but from the illustration show that was also in the gallery. The crowds got larger as the day went on. We left around 3, by which time, it was hard to get near the food booths. It seems that this will be a successful event which is held to benefit the Foodbank and Meals on Wheels. (The landscape painting is from the show.)

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Found art blog said...

I'm hungry now, with all your talk about cheese!! And I like Dale Chihuly too - it's him and the gift shop that make the V&A!!! (well, there's more to the place than the gift shop....!)