Friday, June 05, 2009


Rain, rain, and more rain. We need it, but it sure makes for a dreary day. The rain let up for a bit so I took Smitty-dog out for a walk. We checked on the shelf and it's still soggily there, as is the basket someone hung off of it. The child's scissors are still there and some pennies. I am thinking about how to accomplish the suggestions made to my previous post. I'll have to come up with ways to protect whatever I do from the rain, small plastic bags (which I have lots of) or tins (which I have lots of) to keep paper dry will be do, also, not to be too conspicuous, as if the basket doesn't already call more attention to the spot. I'm so surprised that some "official" hasn't removed it yet. In any case, thanks to the three people, and the one who came in after the deadline. Treats are on their way. One commenter got the prize but the others will receive little treats. One person left no way for me to contact her but I hope she'll get in touch again with a way to reach her. Thanks for your help with this project. And now, here is another treat, this lovely flower on a bush growing around an abandoned mail box post.

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Found art blog said...

We all get treats??!! Oh how wonderful!!!!! But I've had so many already in the last two weeks....!!!