Tuesday, June 09, 2009


We're in the midst of a big thunder storm. Thunder, lightening, hail....I'll post quickly before the lights and wireless go out again. The shelf was pretty full the other day. A CD, a coffee shop 2 for one card, a book of poetry by high school students, and the next day, a plastic kazoo, a StarTrek pez candy dispenser, some fake flowers, and a green Sharpie permanent market. I added a little plastic bag with a "fortune" in it (I'd received some of these from J.D.) and made up a "make-a-collage" kit and put that in a little plastic bag. I hope everything weathers this storm. HAIL! We just had hail!

My computer is on battery mode. I think unplugging things will be a good idea right now. I'm outta here!


Found art blog said...

WOW!!! I got a bag!!! I got a bag!! And it's blue and white stripey just like me!!! I'm SOOO excited!!!

Mica said...

The elf runneth over! Viva Elf!