Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chicago, Chicago....more images

The Bean (Cloud Gate, Anish Kapoor) is just so neat that I took lots of photos of it. Taking pictures underneath is especially neat! In Millennium park this is a fountain with faces that change, eyes open and close, and periodically "spits" water out of the mouths onto the people waiting below. The old band shell is gone, the new band shell is called Pritzker Pavillion and the cross over structure is a sound system. It's great looking and the sound is all around you.

There's a big red Alexander Calder sculpture in a plaza, and a BIG sculpture of the Grant Wood couple (from the painting American Gothic) in another plaza. See tiny me? The photo of the elevated train station is for my nostalgia trip. How many times I went up and down stairs like these while growing up and while working in the city. When I wore high thin heeled shoes, these steps were treacheous! They were well known for their ability to catch and break off a heel. And in Chicago ART IS REAL for sure, it's all around.


Found art blog said...

I just love that fountain!! I wanna play in it!!

Barbara said...

I love looking at the photos and reliving our visit together. It was such a special time! Miss you both so much! BabsLee

Barbara said...

Actually, art and music are the only real things. What?