Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I awoke early this morning when Chuck said " You might want to walk the dog now" as he headed off to walk his 5 miles on the track, " it's already 80°f/26°c and only 6a.m." I was out of the house in 15 minutes! I checked on the shelf and found it looking very shrine-like, reminding me of those tributes I've seen at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. "Wire-writer" had placed a mermaid with a fish on a "line" and moved the word "summer" to create a little tableau on the pole above the shelf. I posted two images, hoping that you'd be able to see the fish. The small items on the shelf had been rearranged, a dry magnolia leaf, a cloth "ghost, " a tiny metal train, all seeming to be symbolic. This is so special, I hope that no one takes it down, I dread the day that I approach the corner and it won't be there. Then I think, all is transient, so I'll keep documenting and sending you the Elflog.


JB said...

That has got to be the coolest thing ever. It is truely devine. I want to start this in my neighborhood somewhere.

Mim said...

Do that JB, start one. Put up a shelf, leave it alone, be patient, maybe someone will put a stone on it and then it'll bloom!