Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Art-o-Mat

This Saturday, we're going to Winston-Salem, NC, for the Art-o-mat reunion and swap meet. We'll be taking with our tiny art to swap. SO I decided to make miniature versions of my larger collages. So far, I have 64 finished with a goal of 70, I'm almost there! The boxes are ready and waiting to be filled with tiny art. I've framed one of the pieces to show how it can be displayed. The size: 2" x 3" (5cm x 7.5cm) I've been using a tweezer! Noah is doing skulls and Chuck is doing glass. Both of their series are going to be big hits, or should I say "small" hits.

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Elin said...

Hello Mim. I just opened up my tiny collage. Wicked cool. Thanks!