Friday, August 10, 2007

The farmers' market

I've been enjoying working at the Farmers' Market on Thursdays. I really get into selling the produce, which is an easy sell in that it's local and organic and everyone wants it, but I love telling people about the CSA Sprout, how it works and all. I love talking about our farmer, Charlie (Victory Farms of Hanover) and how he grows great produce. I love talking to people who love food and share recipes with me. We have many chefs who stop by and one Saturday, the chef from the restaurant across the street came and bought all the French melons. We knew what would be on the menu that night! This past Thursday was monstrously hot, we drank lots of iced water and stood in the misting tent once. There were fewer customers at the market but our share holders came as early as they could. By the time I'd been there for 4 and a half hours, I was pretty giddy, and was so happy I was headed home. Here are some of the images I took that day, basil, arugula, red onions, German stripe heirloom and Roma tomatoes. Charlie grows all of these lovelies on a small amount of land in Hanover county, Virginia. I'm loving photographing his veggies.

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