Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Moments of Joy

My friend/neighbor Jan
created a list of moments of joy on her blog. She got me to thinking about those things that bring joy to my life. Here are a few of them.
Seeing Irises in bloom takes me back to my childhood, when I'd pick them out of neighbors yards on my walk home from elementary school, so I could present them to my mother, who LOVED irises. I feel joy when I see them. The neighbors probably weren't so joyful seeing how many of their Iris blooms were gone.
Playing the piano brings me such joy, even if I'm just playing Hanon exercises. Getting a new piece of music, and being able to play it pretty well right off, brings me joy. Yes, I can play Besame Mucho! Getting land mail from my mail art friends is pretty joyful. Sitting in my chair by the back window upstairs, reading a book, seeing birds in the tree just inches from my window, that's pretty great, too. Just writing about this is making me all warm and gushy. More to come...

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