Sunday, May 01, 2016

End of the Sprint - #CreativeSprint, that is.

Noah's book.
 Yesterday, I finished the 30 days of creativity on #CreativeSprint!

Sorry these photos have gotten re-arranged, so look below for the image for the Sprint. It was really amazing to participate and I encourage all of you to join up for the Fall Sprint!
You can get more information HERE.

For the last day, our prompt was to give ourselves and award or a trophy. I made something that would be visible to others so that I could start a conversation about the Sprint. I wore it to see a play last night and today I'll wear it when going out in public. It says "Finished" but in reality, I'll keep going with my own prompts.

OR use Noah's book for daily prompts.
You can get a copy of this book for yourselves, and it's in different languages, too. It's in Korean and Swedish, I know for sure.
More information HERE.

(And in case you didn't already know this, Noah's my son.)

And, to really be transparent, #CreativeSprint is the brainchild of my daughter, Mica.

That said, I joined the Sprint because the daily prompt is a welcome challenge to keep my creativity charged up.

Let me know what you're up to in your creative life. And think about signing up for next fall, I'd love to see you there.

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