Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mail art at home and away



 I made this one specifically for a member of my "circles" group on IUOMA. It was sent to her before I left for our beach vacation.

Since water, the beach, the ocean, was on my mind, I grabbed a vintage postcard and added this boatman that had been waiting on my table for just the right moment and card to alter.
A friend suggested that he'd be fun added to other cards so I scanned him and will clone him. Watch for more of him in the future.

First card at the beach! Yay, time on OBX (the outer banks of North Carolina, USA)




It's always fun to make a traveling mail art kit and spend some time away from home.

I had a few people join me in making mail art. Specifically for a 3 year old, the daughter of a friend of our daughter. She's in hospital with some severe problems.
If you'd like to send her mail - she likes octopi, dolphins, and other under water things.

The Mighty Violet
Maria Fareri Children's Hospital
100 Woods Rd        Room 2140
Valhalla, NY 10595 USA


Pamela Gerard said...

OBX -- so jealous......two of my best avactions ever were spent there...Is the Blue Point restaurant in Duck still there? How do you cut your circles?
And--thank you so much for the rolodex cards.

mim said...

Yes, the OBX are a terrific place to really vacate every day life. We love renting houses there. Blue Point is still in Duck! We love a small place called Cravings which is near Scarborough Fair in Duck. But, sadly, the craft shop is gone. The owner retired. So it goes. As for circles, I have circle punches in different sizes. I caught a half off sale, several years ago. So much fun to punch out circles!