Saturday, May 21, 2016

Stuff and other stuff

 My niece sent me a photo of some old art work of mine that she'd discovered in the last, little house my mother lived in. It's a lithograph that I'd made when I was in graduate school. Rather than having my niece return it to me, across the miles, and years, she's keeping it to hang in her place. Yay.
 Here's the Mailogram that Keith Bates made for me. I'm having a rubber stamp made of it and of the Ray Johnson Bunny name piece. I can't wait to use them. I've been printing this on adhesive paper and having a rough time peeling the backing off. Well, not that rough, but a stamp will be easier.
 Here's one way I've used the Mailogram recently. I started an add-n-pass, which I may never see again, but it's fun to think of this being changed up.

If I ever get it back, I'll let you know.
 Here's the treasure trove of stamps that a friend gave to me. She had no idea how excited, happy, elated that I'd be. Jackpot!! Lottery winner!! so happy. I've enjoyed using them and practicing my math skills.
We lost another good Mail Art friend last week. Lee Ashraf El Masry, Camel O-Rama, Poison Label, and most recently Veneno Estampo. He was very dear to a lot of us, very active in our Mail Art community. We are so sad for his family. My last conversation was in end of April on Facebook Messenger. Chit chat chit chat. How sweet to read it again. RIP my friend.

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